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Microinfusion pump (MIP)

Our microinfusion pump brings mobility to the patient during therapy. The patient is not bed bound, but can move freely at any time. The micro infusion pump finds its application in the continuous pain therapy, which can also be applied at home. Another indication is the outpatient chemotherapy. The benefit of patient mobility contributes significantly to improve the quality of life. Another advantage of the MIP is that during the pain therapy analgesia is not interrupted; since the MIP is continuously with the patient and sustains analgesia independently of the power supply.


  • Microinfusion pumps (MIPs) are used to administer medications at low infusion rates and for chemotherapy and analgesia
  • Various models of MIP, with variable volumes, basal or adjustable infusion rates and PCA* bolus, permit selection according to the clinical situation
  • MIPs can be connected to a central venous catheter and vein scalp set via a Luer Slip or Luer Lock hub
  • MIPs reduce the work of medical personnel significantly, reduce the number of operations, save time during microinfusion treatment and enhance the quality of the medical care
  • Variable pump volumes and infusion rates for a large range of clinical applications
  • MIPs ensure safe and convenient administration of medication, together with freedom of movement for patients (in contrast to electrical infusion devices, the patient is independent of the energy source)
  • MIPs for chemotherapy include a special light protection cap
  • MIPs are equipped with accessories for attachment to clothing or the patient’s body
  • MIPs are equipped with special attachment devices
  • *Patient-controlled analgesia (РСА)

Medical grade materials (safety tested):

  • PVC, ABS plastic, silicone
  • Pump components do not contain DEHP or latex

Packaging: Blister/box/carton

Quality: Conforms to the industry standard

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life: 3 years

Download PDF: Microinfusion pump