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Surgical clothes

The Vogt Medical disposable surgical clothes are made from light, skin-friendly and breathable non-woven material. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic. The disposable surgical clothes provide effective protection for reliable prevention of infection in the operating area and minimises the risks for patients and personnel.

Surgical gowns


  • The surgical gowns can be used in hospitals and in operating theatres, as well as in dental clinics and in many other medical areas
  • Made from soft material, these gowns are very comfortable to wear and offer excellent breathability

Medical grade materials (safety tested): Non-woven fabric

Download-PDF: Surgical gowns

Shoe covers


  • Disposable shoe covers are used in work areas where hygiene is a priority and for personal protection
  • The shoe covers are fitted with an elastic rim and can be used regardless of shoe size

Medical grade materials (safety tested): Polyethylene

Download-PDF: Shoe covers

Surgical masks


  • The surgical mask is made from hypoall ergenic non-woven material; it offers outstanding breathability and can be secured behind the head using ties or using an elastic band provided on both sides
  • It offers a high degree of resistance to bacteria, viruses and dust while breathing
  • Good ventilation reduces potential skin irritation and enables personnel to breath freely
  • The ergonomically-designed mask is the ideal fit

Medical grade materials (safety tested): Non-woven fabric

Type: II and IIR

Download-PDF: Surgical mask

Surgical caps


  • The surgical caps are used to prevent the transfer of hair and skin particles from doctors, medical personnel and patients in a hygienic environment
  • They cover hair completely and reliably
  • The cap is particularly comfortable to wear thanks to its breathable material

Medical grade materials (safety tested): Non-woven fabric

Packaging: Polybag/carton

Quality: Conforms to EN 13795 standard

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life:: 5 years


Download-PDF: Surgical caps