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German Quality Medical Disposables  
Spritzen Infusion Blood Managament Regional Anaesthesia Airway Managament Urology Gynecology Ostomy Protective Surgical Spritzen Infusion Blood Managament Regional Anaesthesia Airway Managament Urology Gynecology Ostomy Protective Surgical [Translate to Englisch:] ttt [Translate to Englisch:] tttt German quality since 1991. Medical disposable products. Quality creates trust. Our high qualities, globally employable and innovative disposable medical products as well as our long-standing experience permit targeted client orientation and continued expansion of the product range. Thanks to our global network of distributors, we are able to meet your requirements promptly and effectively. International. Competent. Efficient. Film  
Internationally certified safety Vogt Medical Vertrieb GmbH is ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 certified. All medical products are labelled with the CE marking. Certifications may be accessed through the added link. Downloads Regulatory affairs Our product portfolio is towards the official requirements specific to individual countries. In countries outside the EU, such as in the CIS, licensing by the state is a regular requirement. The CE label facilitates the licensing process in non-European states. Vogt Medical has its own department of Regulatory Affairs run by a highly qualified team. We offer a competent licensing service for our medical products in different countries.  
Innovative. High quality. Customer-orientated. The philosophy of Vogt Medical is based on two pillars: the product philosophy is rooted in our striving to offer high quality, innovative and reliable products to our clients at an affordable price, with a comprehensive and reliable service. We have available an extensive and versatile product range, which we adapt continuously to market demands. The client philosophy is directed towards satisfaction. Long-term partner-orientated customer loyalty guarantees mutual success. For us the client is the most important person. This means that we see our company through the eyes of our customers in order to best fulfil their needs and wishes at all times  
International. Competent. Efficient. Our company operates internationally and has long-standing experience in the distribution of disposable medical products, drugs and diagnostic systems. Thanks to our representatives and authorised distributors we are able to meet your requirements fast and cost-effectively.  
Infusion and transfusion therapy systems  
Top Nav Black Infusion and transfusion therapy systems Transfusion and infusion therapy systems made by Vogt Medical have a high technical standard of safety, which is guaranteed by the use of high quality material and micro filters! Safety and health is the greatest good for the patient. Our sophisticated infusion and transfusion systems complying with the highest standards of safety bring the patient a big step closer to his goal of restoring his health.  
Injection systems  
(Kopie 1) Injection systems Also the simplest devices can offer a high degree of complexity and quality demand. Syringes are known as the most important medical tool – billions of syringes are used annually. Yet their seemingly simple design allows for plenty of room for technical details, which make the difference. Vogt Medical injection systems are appli- cation-oriented, sophisticated and consistently safe.  
Blood collection systems  
Top Nav Black Blood collection systems Blood and blood products are highly sensitive ‟drugs” that are stored in special bags. Blood collection or the separation of blood components is also highly sensitive. The company Vogt Medical has special high quality bags for blood and blood products in its portfolio. For the deve-lopment and manufacture of these products a very high standard was chosen to ensure maximum safety for the patient in the use of these materials. The blood bags in combination with our transfusion systems guarantee maxi-mum safety for the patient.  
Urology products  
Top Nav Black Urology products The urology products of the company Vogt Medical are available for continuous drainage of urine and their collection in appropriate bags. They mainly include urine bags and catheters in different sizes and materials.  
Regional anaesthesia systems  
Top Nav Black Regional Anesthesia The spinal and epidural needles made by Vogt Medical are characterized by high quality, functionality, ergonomic grip and versatility. We offer two different types of spinal needles - quincke point and pencil point.  
Gynecology systems  
Top Nav Black Gynecology systems The gynecological systems made by Vogt Medical are designed for clinical as well as for outpatient diagnostics of the female genitalia. The various Vaginal specula aid the visual inspection of the vagina and are also part of the gynecological kit, which is used for the diagnosis of diseases of the cervix. The instruments are ergonomically designed to ensure pain-free examination of the patient.