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Endotracheal tubes

The Vogt Medical endotracheal tubes are suitable for short- and long-term intubation times. Our company offers a wide range of endotracheal tubes aimed at increasing patient safety.


  • Single-use endotracheal tubes are used in nasal and oral intubation
  • Specially designed atraumatic tube tip featuring a Murphy Eye
  • Endotracheal tubes are manufactured from a transparent, thermo-sensitive material that adapts to the individual anatomy of the respiratory tract at body temperature, thus minimizing the risk of tracheal damage
  • The X-Ray detective line throught out the tube enables correct positioning of the tube
  • Our product portfolio includes standard design and reinforced endotracheal cuffed, and uncuffed endotracheal tubes
  • Reinforced endotracheal tubes have a metal coil evenly and securely incorporated in the wall of the tube and reduce the risk of kinking where patients are in an awkward or rigid position
  • The pilot balloon enables easy verification of the filling quantity
  • Latex-free design reduces the risk of allergic reactions

Medical grade materials (safety tested): PVC

Packaging: Blister/box/carton

Quality: Conforms to EN 1782 standard

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life5 years


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