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Stopcocks and Manifolds

The Vogt Medical Infusion set accessories include stopcocks with two types: 3-way stopcocks and manifolds. To satisfy all the requirements of IV therapy Vogt Medical offers stopcocks which protect users from injuries, prevent disconnections or have more than one port for the simultaneous administration of different drugs. There are also stopcocks with high pressure resistance designed for infusion pumps and manifolds with extension sets.


  • 3-way stopcocks have safe luer-locks preventing accidental disconnections 
  • Lipid-resistant
  • Can be revolved through 360°
  • Allow synchronous or separate administration of medicine, infusion or other preparations in one vein access
  • Manifolds are available in two- or three-port configurations – more than one connection  can be used
  • They are sterile and pyrogen-free for single use

Medical grade materials (safety tested):


  • Caps - acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
  • Stopcock body - polycarbonate
  • Stopcock tap - polyethylene
  • Spine connector - polycarbonate


  • Silicon Rubber – synthetic rubber
  • Spin Connector – polycarbonate
  • Switch - polyoxymethylene
  • Multicenter value - polycarbonate

With extension set (150 cm):

  • Tubing – polyvinyl chloride + nylon
  • Female luer lock - polycarbonate


Packaging: Blister/box/carton

Quality: Conforms to ISO 594/1-2 standards

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life: 5 years


Download PDF3-way stopcocks and manifolds