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Insulin pen needles

The Vogt Medical insulin pen needles can be used with most currently available pens. They are sterile and individually wrapped to ensure the safety of all patients.


  • Pen needles are used for the subcutaneous insulin injection in conjunction with automatic insulin pens
  • Pen needles fit major brands of insulin pens: In Duo®, InnoLet®, NovoPen®, NovoLet®, Innovo®, FlexPen®, Humulin Pen®, Humalog Pen®, Omnical Pen®, BerliPen®, DiaPen®
  • The product range contains pen needles in different sizes and diameters, this guarantees safe insulin injection for all types of patient
  • Pen needles offer quick and easy handling
  • Protective cap reduces the risk of accidental needlestick
  • The pen needle‘s triple bevel cut allows it to puncture tissue easily, preventing tissue damage
  • Colour-coded protective cap for easy identification of the needle size

Medical grade materials (safety tested):

  • Hub and cap – polypropylene
  • Needle – high quality steel with high chrome-nickel content, manufactured in compliance with AISI standards

Packaging: Protective cap/box/carton

Quality: Conforms to ISO 11608 standard

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life: 5 years

Download PDF: Insulin pen needles