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Auto disable syringes

The Vogt Medical auto disable syringes are distinguished by the fact that they cannot be reused: following injection, the syringe is automatically blocked, thus becoming unusable.


  • Auto disable syringes are used for administering medications using standard and specialised techniques
  • The transparent syringe barrel ensures controlled administration of medication
  • Smooth-glide plunger ensures smooth, painless injection
  • Secure plunger stop prevents loss of medication
  • Clearly legible graduation ensures a safe, reliable dosage
  • The product range includes two models of the auto disable syringes:
  • Auto disable syringes with a spring lock
  • Auto disable syringes with a mechanism separating the plunger seal and the plunger
  • Latex-free plunger seal eliminates the risk of allergic reactions

Medical grade materials (safety tested):


  • Barrel, plunger – polypropylene
  • Plunger seal – medical grade rubber
  • Lubricant – silicone oil


  • Hub and protective cap – polypropylene
  • High quality steel with high chrome-nickel content, manufactured in compliance with AISI standards
  • Needle/hub bonding – epoxy resin

Packaging: Blister/box/carton

Quality: Conforms to ISO 7886, ISO 7864, ISO 11193-2 standards

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life: 5 years

Download PDF:  Auto-disable syringes; Self-destructing syringes