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Ostomy bags

The ostomy bags produced by Vogt Medical are available in various designs including urostomy bags. We offer ostomy bags for anus preater of large and small intestines. There are one or two section ostomy bags, which allows an individual choice for the patient. We are pleased to advise you in the selection and in the application. Please contact us.


  • Ostomy bags are supplied to patients with a surgically created anus
  • Natural biocolloid alleviates skin irritation highly effectively and protects the skin from stomal drainage, offering maximum hygiene, a sense of well-being and ensuring a secure attachment
  • Transparent windows facilitate attaching the colostomy bag and aid the monitoring of stomal drainage
  • If required, the non-woven fabric can easily be removed from the front side, and the bag becomes transparent, for monitoring the stoma
  • Various openings in the ileo bags facilitate comfortable drainage
  • The multi-layer film has been manufactured in order to minimise the risk of leakage
  • The soft, non-woven fabric on the rear of the bag will not irritate the skin
  • Robust bag material ensures confidence while in use
  • Active carbon filter is supplied with an additional film; the high-quality active carbon filter neutralises intestinal gases reliably; the bag will not inflate

Medical grade materials (safety tested):


  • Hydrocolloid: Pectin derived from citrus fruits, gelatin of animal origin, plant cellulose
  • Back side: non-woven fabric
  • Front side: semi-transparent film with a “window”, polyethylene, ethylene vinyl alcohol, polyvinyl chloride, ethylene vinyl acetate
  • Tile clip: medical grade ABS plastic

Packaging: Box/carton

Quality: Conforms to ISO 8670 standard

Shelf life: 5 years