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Gynecology sets

The gynecology sets produced by Vogt Medical designed for gynecologi-cal examinations and obstetric and gynecological procedures. The kits are available in various combinations, and can be customized by combining the single products according to the customers’ individual preferences.


  • A gynecology sets may comprise Vaginal speculum with transparent and rounded atraumatic edges spoons, which help to carry out a full inspection.
  • Wide range of Gynecological collectors ensures an accurate diagnosis of different diseases of the cervix.
  • Examination gloves protect from infection when in contact with biological material
  • Microscope slides have a matt surface, which can easily be labeled with a pencil or via colloty-pe. Packaged in a box for further transportation to the laboratory
  • Napkins underlayer of non-woven material are hypoallergenic and pleasant to the body
  • The condom is specially developed for the ultrasound probe, protects patients from infections
  • Shoe covers used to maintain aseptic technique in a medical facility.

Medical grade materials (safety tested): 

  • Shoe covers – PE
  • Napkin – “Spanbod” non-woven fabric › Examination gloves – Latex, Nitrile
  • Condom for ultrasound probe - Latex

Packaging: Polybag/carton

Quality: Conforms to the industry standard

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life: 5 years

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: Gynecology sets