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Urine bags

The urine bags of Vogt Medical are available in various designs, in order to allow each user to choose the right bag for the right indication. The advantages are obvious: universal connector, simple drainage and a drainage valve, which prevents the reflux of urine into the bladder and effectively prevents an ascending infection.


  • Urine bags are used for collecting urine drained via a urinary catheter
  • Urine bags are equipped with a connector
  • The connector ensures secure attachment to the urinary catheter
  • The flexible, kink-resistant drainage tube enables secure placement of the urine bag
  • Strengthened mounting slots also enable the urine bag to be secured vertically
  • Manufactured from transparent material for improved monitoring
  • The range includes sterile and non-sterile urine bags
  • The various drain valve models (pull-push, cross valve and screw valve) ensure convenient emptying of the urine bag in various situations
  • The urine bag has a non-return valve to prevent backflow and the risk of an ascending infection
  • The volume can easily be read from the graduation on the semi-transparent front of the bag
  • Paediatric urine bags are used for collecting urine from infants
  • Paediatric urine bags include an adhesive fixing ring made from foam-based material, providing secure positioning and inhibiting leakage

Medical grade materials (safety tested):

  • Connector, tubing, urine bags, drainage tube – medical grade PVC

Packaging: Polybag/polybag/carton

Quality: Conforms to ISO 8669 standard

Sterilisation: Ethylene oxide

Shelf life: 5 years

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Urine bags